What is Isis®

The Isis Mobile Wallet® safely transmits payment and commerce information from consumers’ smartphones to contactless payment terminals using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

Isis Mobile Wallet

The Isis Mobile Wallet integrates shopping and paying into one application. By combining your offers and loyalty programs together with your customers’ method of payment, you are providing an easier, more seamless check out process.

Isis is a platform for your marketing programs. You choose what programs you want to extend to your customers through the Isis Mobile Wallet.

Isis Benefits

Bring your rewards programs, offers and campaigns closer to your customers on the device that
is always with them with the Isis Mobile Commerce Platform™.

Merchants who partner with Isis will enjoy an enhanced level of engagement with consumers - enabling you to drive loyalty, increase spending, and complement your current marketing activities.

Transform your customer’s shop & buy experience - Provide your customers with a simplified checkout process through the contactless transmission of payments, offers, and loyalty integrated in one simple tap.

Isis Merchant Stories

Learn more about a few of our merchant partners and why they are accepting the Isis Mobile Wallet.

Jamba Juice
Austin Java
Beans and Brew

Interested in becoming an Isis Ready® merchant? It’s easy to get started.

  1. Simply deploy a contactless payment terminal and begin accepting mobile payments. Contact your merchant services provider - or one of our partners below - to get up and running.
  2. Go further by mobilizing your offer and loyalty programs on the Isis Mobile Commerce Platform.

Or you can contact Isis directly.

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